Alexander's performance rates start at $500 and are greatly influenced by your events goals.

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Alexander performs for a local corporate party at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Give your co-workers, employees, and special guests the finest live entertainment. Alexander customizes his every performance to flow with your event logistics and satisfy your goals. Using his patented combination of wit and charm, he will test your venue’s acoustics with the beautiful sounds of unbridled laughter and leave you, the mastermind, accepting congratulations on a great event.

Alexander has mastered:

· Corporate Retreats · Grand Openings · · Networking Events · · Holiday Parties · Special Occasions ·

Guests mingle around an elegantly lit bar at a private soiree in celebration of a renowned local musician in New Orleans, Louisiana.


From intimate gatherings of loved ones for a special occasion, to hearty celebrations that would put Gatsby to shame, your festivities are the foundation upon which legend is born. Ensure the historic status of your next party and watch your guests as they gasp, laugh, and downright squeal with joy during Alexander’s riveting performance. Afterwards, bask in the sweet, sweet glow of admiration.

Alexander has perfected:

· Weddings · Adult Birthdays · · Proposals · Gender Reveals · · Graduation Ceremonies · Garden Parties · · Surprise Parties · Surprise Garden Parties ·

Guests mingle around an elegantly lit bar at a private soiree in celebration of a renowned local musician in New Orleans, Louisiana.
People crowd together in anticipation as Alexander performs a trick with his volunteer in Jackson Square, the French Quarter.


FESTIVALS - Kick up your fest and thrill your audience with an interactive magic show tried and tested across the world. Follow Alexander as he plays with the audience's energy, directing the flow of human curiosity into a rhapsodic crescendo of laughter and awe.

FAIRS - Treat your patrons to the finest in the ancient art of street entertainment. Set your streets abuzz and watch as Alexander transforms your guests from random strangers into a bright, cheering congregation. No external equipment required.


For those interested in dipping their toes into the wonderful world of wizardry, treat yourself, your friends, or your students to the classiest class ever.

· Poker Party Presentation – Prepare yourself when the stakes get high and learn the games of con men, card sharks, and street cheats. · Pyschological Trickery – Gain insight into how reality is controlled through the direction of attention and the manipulation of memory. · Public Speaking – Learn how to control anxiety and communicate effectively. · Magic for Math Nerds – For pi lovers everywhere.

For those who are seriously dedicated to the study of magic, Alexander provides in-depth mentoring to the technical level and direction of your choosing. Areas of study include the history of magic, sleights and manipulations, crowd psychology, performance structure, and character development.

Custom tailoring is available for working professionals through referral.